Sojourn Green

30 Minutes to Kill

The Deadliest 1/2 Hour Ever

Given the rapid saturation of the media culture in the contained and heavily oppressed society of New Eden, something like the events of Rat City are going to fill a news cycle for a good day and a half and they’re gonna get spun like a record, baby, right round, right round.

That said, when the heroes finally returned to Emery Plaza, hours later and well into the night to claim their prize, they were greeted by an impromptu parade of well wishers and paparazzi. However, the gratitude was short lived as they were unable to cash in their bounties at ICE Super Center. Apparently, an executive had put an all-stop on their accounts until he was notified. Reaching an executive is a process that takes about a dozen drones and five hours. Luckily there was a qualified employee on hand to help out. The Customer Service Rep said as she summoned her superior.

‘Hi! I’m Terry! I’ll be handling your negotiations today.’

Terry assured them nothing could be done until someone from corporate removed the hold, but if you would just wait in one of the adjoining sitting rooms, someone will be down shortly.

Shockingly true to his word, someone did arrive. To ask them if they’d like some refreshment while they wait. Everyone made an ass of themselves ordering the most expensive things they could think of which were served by aesthetically pleasing wait-staff. But the novelty wore off as the hours went by.

The average commute from the “penthouse” takes about two hours using VIP express elevators that move at a comfortable pace and have a full bar and club. These “elevator” discos are always packed and ride up and down all day long. It’s one of the few places that the lower class can mingle with the upper crust, if the bouncer thinks they’re good looking enough. In an emergency, an executive can ride a “Rocket Tube” in less than thirty seconds going down and 45 going up. But it’s so uncomfortable and boring.

Two hours later, Euclid Buhstrahd waltzed through the executive elevator. He gushed and cooed over the adventurers and offered them the chance of a lifetime. The Wildcard slot on this season of 30 Minutes to Kill.


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