Sojourn Green

Capture the Flag

After the rules were established:

1. HP now represented a force field provided by the show, once exhausted you would teleport back to your staging area and be stunned for a round as the shield recharged.

2. Anything related to the Bloody mechanic was inaccessible for the duration.

3. The only way to score a point was to capture the flag.

All hell broke loose. DarkHeart made it clear he would not be directly attempting to retrieve the flag, as he found wrestling the dragon in acid to be much more productive for him.
As for the stars of our show, they sprang into action, trying to make their way to the prize without exposing themselves to the Dragon’s acid breath attack.

As Eve tried to close in on the sharp-shooting Cruise, Kenzie scrambled for the flag against Gravy, who’d taken an air cannon short cut at the direction of his team captain. Thorgrim tried to harry the dragon with Magic Missles, but it was nonplussed and concentrated its ire on the War Priest, former Headhunter MiaLee as she stepped within its reach on the lower level.

Gravy was the first to go down, being teleported back to GO instantly as his shields fell about two seconds after he grabbed the flag. Kensington capitalized on the situation as Reuben and Thorgrim both fell in the next few moments, turning invisible as he snatched up the fallen flag. Cruise could only ineffectually kick at the nimble mouzle as he ghosted by into the end-zone, scoring the first point of the match!

The next round wouldn’t go as smoothly. The competitors lined up again at their platforms and the buzzer sounded the start of the round. It progressed much as the first, however, the second round featured founts of flame blasting across the upper level at intervals, much to Reuben’s surprise and terror as he spun and feel to the bottom level, disabling his forcefield and being teleported back to the staging area. The competitors were startled by the arena shaking. Cruise felt an overwhelming sense of deja vu as he was also competing the day the explosion caused the barrier to fall around Rat City. The stadium had rocked then as well.

The fight continued unabated this time, however, and Kensington got his hands on the flag once again and never one to quit a winning tactic, he turned invisible and started sprinting into the end zone. But the stadium rocked again and this time, the wall behind the Black Dragon cracked, another huge boom and pieces of concrete exploded out as the wall split and shattered away, revealing a badly wounded and seriously pissed off Green Dragon.

Presumably by the dead Rodeo Clowns (show personnel who wrangle Mist Fiends) hanging from its mouth, it had killed or run off every living thing its own arena and at some point had its wings damaged and been rendered unable to fly. So it decided to bust into the next arena and kill some more people.

Seems reasonable.


justinwaynemitchell justinwaynemitchell

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