Sojourn Green

Enter the Headhunter

Once on the ground level, the Headhunter addressed, Mialee, recognizing her as a former employee of Orphan House and assuming she was in charge. “You Dick-heads want a job or what?” The conversation went downhill from there. After some tense negotiations, two things were established, the group would work with anyone willing to pay and this man was going to leap on every opportunity to disparage them whilst in his employ.

Agent 13 was using some sort of handheld scanning device to do a building to building search in the area immediately around the silenced panic alarm. He had decided to climb the rigging for a better view of the surrounding area and had been merely finishing his cigarette before enacting his own plan for defeating the Worm.

After several uneventful sweeps, the Heroes heard the rumbling of the Great Mist Worm heading their way again and made for higher floors. Unfortunately, Reubenand his crew were caught on the ground. If not for the timely intervention of Mialee and Eve, they would likely have been swallowed up.

More buildings and more negative scans, but one oddity. 13 detected a humanoid without and DCI (Data Chip Implant) which are required for entrance into New Eden and almost impossible to remove or conceal the lack there of. Yet here there be a something without one. The Headhunter opted not to investigate since he could confirm from the second floor it wasn’t the lost VIP in the basement, but the rest of the team decided to investigate.

The basement was cavernous and stretched beyond light sources of the party. At intervals, there were great pylons of ultranium reinforced concrete, designed to resist stress from the extreme heights of the mega-city skyscrapers. Diverted through the basement was an underground aquifer with water of questionable quality. Despite this, the unlicensed foreign organism was resting his rocky feet in it.

He greeted them like friends, didn’t bother with introductions and answered to Shamanor Stone Clan. The strange mystic was eight feet tall and had skin like granite that crumble and made grinding noises as he rose. He asked for the Groups’ aid, admitted to actually seeking them out after witnessing them outwit the Great Mist Worm, in rescuing his kidnapped grandson and apprentice. Another Stone Clan, who had apparently attempted to intervene in the kidnapping of the missing Corporate Executive by none other than the Children of Bahamut’s Fire.

The Stone Clan Shaman led the group, regrettably rejoined by The Headhunter, through the cavernous basement and to a section of concrete wall with a huge crack, worried into a hole large enough to allow even the small giant to pass through. This hole joined a passing Wild Cave, most likely dug long before the Emery Group broke ground for Residential District 2, that led into the darkness. Hours passed and Thorgrim glanced nervously at his watch. Hours were passing and the Orbital Lasers would fire before nightfall.


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