Sojourn Green

The Phantom of the Solid

Attention Whore!

So everyone sort of took a moment to look at each other and assess the situation. The Black Dragon had been seriously restrained by the rules of the game. Rules enforced by equipment which had now just been shut down somehow. The barrier had fallen and the Black Dragon no longer seemed very interested in protecting the flag. In fact, he seemed a lot more interested in eating people.

Speaking of people the crowd went F’ing nuts when that Green Dragon broke through the wall, the roar could be heard all throughout Emery Plaza, even over the six other competing arenas.

DarkHeart visibly shuddered, steadied himself and prepared to wrestle two dragons.

Everyone else considered retreat. Fortunately, so did the Black, who after years of captivity decided that despite wanting very badly to eat the little pests who’d just been annoying him so persistently, he’d better use this opportunity to escape before it passed. He took to the air and started doing a few lazy circles around the stadium, spreading dragon fear and spraying acid into the crowd.

Thorgrim looked worriedly at the Black as he prepared a spell for the grounded Green Dragon still threatening him. Nothing to be done for it at the time, but he knew he had to stop the Green quickly if he had any hope of drawing the attention of the Black before it did any real damage to the crowd.

Eve and DarkHeart were also trying to engage the Dragon up close while the mystic energies of Thorgrim and Cruise’s heavy rifle pelted its hide. DarkHeart was already badly injured and when the Green turned, he barely had time to raise his still functioning arm before the Dragon bit down on his midsection and tossed him bodily into the acid pool.

Eve screamed in defiance and leaped at the beast, putting herself between it and the fallen warrior. Reuben and Gravy, who were frozen in fear, snapped out of their trance and ran to aid their comrade. As they pulled him to safety, Eve swung her Lightning Blade in a vicious overhead arc, “Get away from him you Bitch!” and cleaved its head from its long neck, fine poison gas continued to vent from its gaping wounds, causing everyone to choke and retch as they backed away from the corpse as it deflated like some grotesque and morbid parade balloon.

Above them, not unnoticed, but having little to do with them, Jasper Fox had decided to intervene personally and had soundly bested the Black Dragon.

“Good work, Gentlemen, ladies. I appreciate you lending a hand protecting my audience. The other contestants, in the first arena that lost restraints, they just left and it was a slaughter, my men couldn’t contain it quick enough with the crowd panicking. Luckily, we were able to ground it with a lucky burst from a flame gout before it bashed its way into your arena. I have to clean up here, but I after I want you to…”

Just then, an image appeared on the Jumbo-Screens. They flickered to a staticky half-life and a strange, spherical face, with what looked like snakes or tentacles for hair was seen in silouhette, speaking in a loop, with a gurgly voice:

“Hehehe… yes… Fear me… Fear the Phantom… Hehehe… yes… Fear me… Fear the Phantom…”


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