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The Adventure Begins!

Vignette: Sons of Bahamut

Best way to start off a new campaign, disposable characters and a gigantic explosion! The players found themselves temporarily inhabiting the bodies of the following Draken “freedom fighters:”

Pai Xhai-
A young female Draken Rogue. You are the leader of your resistance group, Children of Bahamut’s Fire and fully intend to take the credit for this, your group’s first major operation.
A strong, wise warlord and veteran of the Purge. You originally worked for Draken Corp before they allied themselves with Emery Group to overthrow the Draken King and the Council of Elders. You had your doubts about Pai’s plan, namely blowing up a Barrier seems like a pretty sketchy plan.
A Draken handler, Guilysh has a bond with his pack of Drakes that approaches familial. You’re nervous about this, but Pai says it’ll be easy.

AND the Drake!

This lot have planted a bomb inside the Main Power Station for the Barrier surrounding Residential District 2, aka Rat City, but have gotten themselves hopefully lost while making their escape. As they enter some sort of hanger, noticeably empty, forebodingly large, they spot a couple of elevators and make a B-line for them.

After some quick work on the locks they manage to summon one of the lifts. When it reaches their level, a bell chimes and the door slides open, revealing an eight foot tall robot with a cannon for an arm. The Draken Rogue blinks sheepishly through several magnifying lenses, purses her lips and hopes the robot’s vision is based on movement. (shakes head sadly)

Another robot and several annoyingly well equipped soldiers arrive on the scene and a fight breaks out. Just when it seems the Draken might limp away from the fight, the previously unnoticed freight elevator in the center of the hanger groaned to life, raising up to reveal a Bi-Pedal Tank. Fortunately, this guy showed up:

A Mysterious Figure
Your mysteriousness is matched only by your figurativeness.

And saved their bacon, shouting:

Fools! I knew you couldn’t handle this, coming here to aid you has cost me time, precious as it is that I can ill afford to waste on the likes of you. This way, if you plan on living long enough to be useful.

as he led them out. Moments after reaching safety, the facility was ripped apart by a powerful chain of explosions, sending rubble and sections of the structure flying for miles.

Finally the players settled into their own characters and the adventure begins in earnest. Each found themselves exploring the spectacle of Emery Plaza while keeping a keen eye out for adventure. It wasn’t long before an explosion rocked Rat City, shaking the Plaza and even sending a particularly large chunk of debris crashing into the terrified onlookers. As the party looked on, the barrier surrounding Residential District 2 sputtered and failed.

The characters each reached the entrance to RD 2 at the same time, finding it surprisingly devoid of life, save a lone technician struggling with a portable barrier generator. Unfortunately for him, a pack of Mist Fiend Spiders attacked before he could get it running.

The Mouzle Hexblade Kenzington fought bravely but fell victim to the spider’s venomous bite. If not for the White Magics of Mialee, Elf War Priest, he may not have survived the battle. Fortunately, the rest of the adventurers rallied to their fallen comrade and took out the largest spider.


loving the online-ness of our adventure. Thank you for putting this together. I really like the narrative of our awesomeness.

Welcome to New Eden
justinwaynemitchell justinwaynemitchell

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