Sojourn Green

Worm on a Hook

With little choice but to press on, the Heroes began walking through the eerily abandoned Residential District, on guard for attack Mist Fiends. This deep within the Mega City, however, they had not yet fully enveloped.

The group was set upon by an entirely different sort of monster, a gang of savage street children catcalling and hurling bottles, rocks and the occasional Molotov cocktail at them from the surrounding buildings. The dour dwarf wanted to respond with lethal force almost immediately, but the rest of the group balked at the idea of engaging children in battle. Fortunately, before the debate grew heated, a third option presented itself. Another childappeared, claiming to be independent of the violent “Lord of the Flies” type gang, at the entrance to an alley and beckoned to them.

The young man, Otter, led them to a pipe which they slid down and were subsequently shat out into an abandoned maintenance sub-basement. Nothing is Rat City is actively “maintained” by EG other than the Barrier. Kenzington bribed Otter with an auto-pistol to lead them to a “suit” which the group presumed to be the corporate VIP. Before the exchange, Otter’s sisterwisely intervened, “You can’t give him a gun! He’s only four! Take the sword, Otter.”

True to his word, Otter led the group to a “suit” who was not a corporate VIP, but a Headhunter. The group was frustrated, but appreciated Otter’s effort. Otter sensed the disappointment and shot them the bird, “He’s wearing a suit!”

Wisely, they did not rush out into the square the Headhunter was currently suspended over on some half-fallen scaffolding left over from a long since abandoned project. He was dangling there from a grappling hook, apparently taking five, smoking a cigarette and occasionally glancing at his watch. As the group watched he hocked a big lunger at the ground, which was almost immediately swallowed up by a huge circle of sinking dirt. Then the dirt rippled as the ground seemed to undulate, like something was swimming just under the surface, like a shark circling the Headhunter, hanging on his hook.

There were some very “Tremors-esque” hi-jinks which ensued, wherein the party used an abandoned piece of heavy machinery, an old generator, an imp in a bottle, and their own panicked screams to lure the Great Mist Worm away from its meal.


justinwaynemitchell justinwaynemitchell

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