Biff Googleschleich

Musclebound Wannabe Prize Fighter


Name: Biff
Class: Prize Fighter
Race: Freak of Nature
Level: 1

Str: Ripped
Con: tore up
Dex: little taught
Wis: C-
Int: D+
Char: 16

Quote: “A lot of people ask me, ‘Hey Biff, how’d you get so cut, Bro?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, Bro, I eat a lot protein, drink a lot of BM Protein Drink, and I just rip it,’ ya’know? I just… rip it. And eat a lot of protein… and… rip it… Bro.”


Biff was recruited by Cruise to fill out a four man squad in a Wild Card tournament for the next season of 30 Minutes to Kill. Eager for any opportunity to compete, Biff took the chance with no regard for his own personal safety. Or really anything. He didn’t even really hear what Cruise said, he just followed him out of the locker room and when he realized he was going to be competing in the tournament he was pretty stoked.

But his dreams were soon crushed as the executives at 30 Minutes opted once again to scrap the Wild Card teams in favor of “gimmick squads” this year made up of ICE operatives who participated in the recent disaster at Residential District 2. Particularly the squad that took down the terrorists responsible.

Devastated, Biff went to the studio anyway hoping there would be some last minute reversal. However, he ended up just spending the day pestering the security guards and the talent as they entered the studio. Never one to let adversity dampen his spirits, Biff secured tickets as a bribe to cease harassing studio personnel and enjoyed the evenings’ matches from great seats with some hot babes. Yay happy ending for Biff!

Biff Googleschleich

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