Cole Emery

Corporate Heir Apparent to Black Emery


Name: Cole Emery
Race: Suit
Class: Captain of Industry
Level: 23

Str: See Agent 13
Dex: See Above
Con: (ahem)
Int: Machiavellian
Wis: 17
Char: Slimy

“So… I have you to thank for… aiding Agent 13.”


Cole Emery is the son of Onyx Emery’s late Brother, Jet Emery. Jet died when Cole was very young and Onyx
“raised” him as his own. Cole considers himself the power behind the throne while Onyx thinks of him as competent proxy and suitable, but ultimately replaceable, successor should the need arise. Bear in mind, Onyx Emery has every intention of living forever so when he says “successor,” he’s not talking about any time in the near future.

Consequently, over the years their relationship has soured somewhat. Onyx is content to let Cole run their offices as he sees fit, so far as he doesn’t interfere with any of his projects and indulges any whim Onyx has. This is infuriating for Cole, but he understands that his position is tenuous at best. Onyx is CEO in name and could, technically, terminate Cole’s contract without violating the terms of the agreement. He could murder him out of hand.

Cole, now in his sixties, is no longer the Wunderkind of EG, in fact, his tenure as one of the young up and comers has basically overseen the end of the world. Cole spends most of his evenings drinking himself into a stupor alone. Every so often, during one of these binges, he’ll try to contact his uncle and demand to know why he discontinued all research into the Mist phenomenon. But Uncle Onyx stopped taking his calls years ago.

Cole Emery

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