Stone Cold Gunfighter


Name: Cruise
Class: Prize Fighter
Race: Winner
Level: Up!

Str: 15
Dex: More nimble than Jack
Con: stantly
Int: smart enough
Wis: comes in out of the rain
Char: plays poorly with others

Quote: “You’re light on your feet, right? Hop into that cannon over there.”


Cruise reportedly led a somewhat handicapped (figuratively… I think)team of rookie prize fighters to victory in a wild card seeding tournament for 30 Minutes to Kill. Unfortunately, they were promptly bumped from the card.

However, the Producer, Fox, saw great potential in Cruise and took a personal interest in him, guaranteeing his inclusion on one of the teams. This in turn meant a tougher contest for our Heroes.

Cruise doesn’t talk much beyond barking orders at his teammates, but what he does say gets results. With the pointed exception of Dark Heart who absolutely refuses to listen to anyone or thing including reason, he’s been able to literally take any group of fighting men and use them effectively in combat.


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