Dark Heart

Brooding Masked Mercenary


Name: Dark Heart
Class: Brooding Knight
Race: Dark Heart
Lvl: 99

Str: Awesome
Dex: 16
Con: Bear-Like
Wis: of Solomon
Int: (classified)
Char: Hey Ladies!

Quote: ‘Hrmm. Hear that? Like howling. Haven’t heard that since the Merger Wars just before my unit was attacked by Mist Wolves.’


Dark Heart first met the Party along with Reubenand Gravyin the armored shuttle to Sector G87 in Residential District 2, aka Rat City, during the events of Barrier Down.

Dark Heart immediately distinguished himself from other warriors with his long flowing cape and obsession with brooding posing and baritone growls. He did not contribute much actual aid to the war effort beyond his intimidating presence.

The first hint of his truly epic strength came, however, when he punted, football-style, a Mist Wolf through a window and a distance of over 30 yards. He was seen later that day casually throwing Gravy to safety as he and Reuben fled a pursuing Great Mist Worm tunneling after them.

Dark Heart was a member of the opposing team on the episode of 30 Minutes to Kill the Heroes appeared on. During a match of “Capture the Flag” he chose to forgo capturing the flag in favor of wrestling a Black Dragon to the ground in a river of acid. It begins to become clear that Dark Heart isn’t in it for the money, but the awesome.

Dark Heart was severely injured when the combat from the next arena spilled over into theirs. He tried to engage a Green Dragon at the same time, but could only manage to momentarily stun him with a well placed punch, revealed to be powered up by an Omega Tech enhanced prosthetic.

After the match, he was seen being carried off the field on a stretcher, but he regained consciousness long enough to shoot the crowd a thumbs-up.

Dark Heart

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