Euclid Bulstrahd

Flamboyant TV Executive


Name: Euclid Bulstrahd
Class: Suit
Race: Executive
Level: 9

Str: Personal Trainer
Dex: Personal Assistant
Con: Personal
Int: 12
Wis: sure, whatevs
Char: oodles

Quote: “That sword is so butch! I love it! Is it Clyde Stryphe’s design? Tell me its a Clyde, I just know his work when I see it and you’ve always been so fabulous with a Clyde.”


Euclid is a distant relation of Porter, the head of House Bulstrahd like all executives of the Emery Group. Only moronsseem to think this is much of a big deal.

Euclid first appeared when the Heroes tried to collect the ICE point bounties they earned during the sweep & clear operations in Residential District 2, aka Rat City. Euclid had apparently put a hold order on the payment until he could personally meet with the group and offer them a spot in the next season (beginning the next day) of 30 Minutes to Kill, the hottest show in New Eden.

Euclid Bulstrahd

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