Jasper Fox

Living Legend and Producer/Show Runner of a hit Show


Name: Jasper Fox
Class: Monk
Race: Human
Level: 999

Str: 24
Dex: mongoose blood
Con: ditioned
Int: 24
Wis: enlightened
Char: He does all right.

Quote: “I just need to know you won’t get yourselves killed poorly out there. If it looks like you’re going to lower the tone of my show I will come down there and kill you myself off camera.”


Jasper Fox never compromised after that night. He fought hard and true from the bottom rung to the very top and when he retired, he retired a Champion. Then he told EG he wanted a job behind the camera and he’d make it his life mission to ruin them if they refused him. They’d seen what he’d done in front of the camera. They told themselves they weren’t afraid, that it made good business sense to see if he had what it took behind the camera as well. But the fact was, there wasn’t a man or woman in EG Tower who slept easy the night Fox made his ultimatum.

Fast forward twenty years and Fox has taken one of EG’s least watched programs and transformed it into its flagship empire. 30 Minutes to Kill is the highest rated, most captivating and merchandised intellectual property EG owns. All thanks to Jasper Fox.

Who for some reason hates the Emery Group with an enduring, white-hot passion that he makes no effort to hide. Every time he sees a Corp Exec he makes a point to shift from his usual quiet intensity to a booming stage voice and announce to no one in particular what heartless, cowardly jackals inhabit Emery Tower and how they all lick slugs and enjoy knitting and other delicate past times. Except his insults are a bit more “colorful.”

So why does Fox continue to work for EG? Not just work, but flourish, triumph and make them even richer? He’s not saying, but everyone in Emery Tower sleeps a little less easy on the days they bump into Jasper at the studio or catch an episode by chance. Almost no one in corporate watches 30 Minutes on purpose.

Jasper Fox

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