Jon Cryer

Mouzle Pimp and Information Broker


Name: Jon Crier
Race: Mouzle
Class: Pimp
Level: 12

Str: Pimphand is Strong!
Dex: 17
Con: It’s Hard out there
Wis: Street
Int: G.E.D.
Char: Pimp

“How’s that tail hanging, my ”/campaign/sojourn-green/wikis/mouzles" class=“wiki-page-link”> mouzle?"


Jon Crier left his Village after it was destroyed for the third time by a Mist Storm. He was sick of rebuilding the same grubby hut over the same dirty hole he’d been squatting in since he was born. His parents didn’t protest much. Jon wasn’t like his brothers. He didn’t want to work in the textiles or dig tunnels, all he wanted to do was play music and sample beats. So as he pulled away on his motorcycle, his system bumpin’, Jon Crier set out to change the game. But can a pimp change the game? Or does the game change the pimp?

Jon rules his stable with his wits and surprisingly strong backhand, which he reserves for unruly johns. A true pimp doesn’t damage his own merchandise. He also deals in information as he spends most of his time in Low Town, frequenting the seedier joints, where he often goes unnoticed.

Jon Cryer

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