Wayward Mouzle seeking Adventure


Name: Kenzington
Race: Mouzle
Class: Star Pact Hexblade
Lvl: 3

Str: tiny
Dex: shifty
Con: squishy
Int: scary
Wis: silly
Cha: creepy

Quote: ‘I have survived the Mist and seen what’s on the other side. I am its Herald and my blade Starshadow is the vessel of your Doom. Now witness… DAMMIT STOP PETTING ME!!’


Kenzington (or Kenzie, as his companions call him) grew up far from New Eden in a small community of Mouzles that lived underground. There he learned to hunt and forage from his siblings, completely unaware of the city life. Then the Mist came. Normally, Mouzle burrows are built in such a way that the tunnels should divert the Mist away from the lower hollows, but the Storm was too intense, and when the green fog had passed, Kenzington was all alone. He awoke from a strange dream, in which motes of light spoke to him softly, beckoning him through the deadly Mist. They promised him renewed life and eldritch power in return for his soul. When asked, Kenzie usually replies: “It’s not like I was using it.

The last few months, Kenzington has been acclimating himself to life in New Eden. Guided by his powers, which he still doesn’t fully understand, he made the journey to the city and quickly became an ICE operative. Though he is continually adjusting to dealing with what he refers to as “the big people”, especially their inexplicable need to pet him and call him childish names, Kenzie has found a group of like minded adventurers which he manages to tolerate, if not trust, on a semi regular basis. With his posse in tow, Kenzington goes out in search of more elaborate excuses to use his blade Starshadow in more interesting ways.


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