Streetwise Kid


Name: Narn
Class: Street Rat
Race: Human
Level: 3

Str: Wiry
Dex: 17
Con: t buy me love!
Int: Brainy
Wis: 12
Char: Awww

Quote: “Yah, we like to avoid the neighborhoods with the homicidal gangs, but whatever works for you guys.”


Narn and Otter were orphaned at a young age, but sadly are both old enough to remember their parents. Their mother passed away, their father left them in the care of a relation to attend to some business and never returned. Narn cared little for her aunt and even less for the manner in which she gave up all hope of ever seeing Narn’s daddy again. She decided Otter and her would be better off searching for their father on their own. Last thing he’d told her, he was going to New Eden.

It was tough at first, but Narn and Otter’s just as tough. Now they get by pretty well in Rat City. They stay away from the meaner gangs, trade with the nicer ones and rob the dumber ones. And always keep an eye out for Daddy.


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