Beholder Gauth, Self-Promoting Villain


Name: Orthros aka The Phantom of the Solid
Class: Beholder Gauth
Race: Monster
Level: 5

Str: Look Ma! No Hands!
Dex: he floats
Con: 17
Int: he thinks he’s smart
Wis: dumb dumb dumb
Char: This guy kidding?



Orthros Emery was once a Corporate Noble, but his luxury airship was caught in a Mist Storm and crashed. He survived the crash, but soon fell very ill from Mist exposure. He survived this as well, but was forever changed. At first he believed he was Mist Touched and he despaired at being resigned to a life on the outskirts of civilization, but he soon found himself fervently praying that were the case.
He wasn’t Mist-Touched, he was infected. The mutation racked his body, twisting and contorting it into a grotesque new form. It wasn’t unheard of for humans to survive Mist exposure and be warped like this, they call the resultant creatures Beholders.

Orthros, like all Mist Fiends, was driven insane and filled with hate for all civilization by the experience, but Beholders retain much of their memories and intellect from past lives and he used his knowledge of New Eden’s higher levels to infiltrate it. He is now able to freely move through the barriers using secret tunnels and other clandestine access points. He was recruited by a Mysterious Figure to terrorize any and all events taking place at The Solid, Emery Plaza’s premiere event center. To this end, he’s adopted the guise of The Phantom of the Solid and sabotaged several events.


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