Stone Clan Shaman

Wise Mystic of the Mountain People


Name: Shaman
Class: Shaman
Race: Stone Clan
Level: 23

Str: Ridiculous
Dex: rocky
Con: hardy (haha)
Int: 13
Wis: yoda-like
Char: friendly

Quote: “Strength will grow in time and with battle. You can’t grow smart. Ask my grandson, he proves it. Everyday he grows stronger, but still… stupid… so stupid. It’s better you are smart warriors than strong ones. Because of this, you will live long enough to become strong. Then the ground shall tremble where your feet fall, for truly mighty warriors will tread there.”


The Stone Clan Shaman was met in Rat City during the Mist Fiend attack of the Barrier Down fiasco. The Shaman was cooling his feet in some murky waters running through an abandoned tenement building. The Heroes happened upon him while searching for a Corporate VIP.

He seemed unsurprised to meet them and quickly set about leading them directly to their shared goal. The terrorists who had destroyed the barrier had kidnapped the not only the VIP but the Shaman’s apprentice (his grandson) who had tried to intervene.

The Shaman led the group down a series of passageways, deep below the streets of RD2. When they emerged, they were outside the walls of the cities and the (currently deactivated) barrier. The Shaman didn’t slow his pace as he strode directly into the poisonous Mist with a hand outstretched. Remarkably, the Mist obeyed his command and parted, creating a safe path for the Shaman and his charges.

After the Children of Bahamut’s Fire were defeated, the Shaman was reunited with his grandson and took his leave. Ominously remarking that he must consult with his contemporaries regarding recent portents and signs.

Stone Clan Shaman

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