Assistant Contract Negotiator and Butthole


Name: Terry Ivan Thomas
Class: Annoyance
Race: Humanish
Level: 2

Str: 8
Dex: Jellyfish on Land
Con: 0 Sick Days
Int: Off the Charts
Wis: (sigh)
Char: no

Quote: “Hi! I’m Terry! I’ll be handling your contract negotiations today. How can I help you?”


Terry represents the most horrible threat facing humanity today. Poor customer service. Terry doesn’t want to help you, Terry is compelled to help you. He loves his job, he loves serving you, but he just can’t do what your asking him to because that would just go against company policy even though it would save everyone about five years of pain, hassle and struggle from their liiiiivivveesss….AAAAArrrGGGGG!!!! DAMN YOU, TERRY, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Terry first turned up in the Tunnel between Emery Plaza and Rat City. He was handling field negotiations with the ICE Operatives participating in the Sweep & Clear of RD2. He had a particularly cute exchange with Kensington when the Mouzle tried to negotiate a better deal with ICE. Terry politely explained negotiate is a euphemism for “Take it or leave it, Turkey!”


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