The Headhunter

Arrogant, sarcastic, deadly.


Name: Agent 13
Class: Headhunter
Race: (classified)
Level: 7

Str: Vitamin Supplemented
Dex: Catches flies with chopsticks
Con: stantinople?
Int: questionable
Wis: debatable
Char: undeniable

“Yah, you do that. I’ll wait here and take all the credit when you die horribly.”


This man is an operative of Orphan House. He didn’t bother to mention his name, but acted familiar with one of the party. Although offering to hire the group to support him during a mission, he didn’t bother to communicate any sort of plan. He opted instead to sneak around the fight to reach the objective, leaving the dirty work for the hired help.
He did, however, make good on his promise of payment with a lovely gift basket and substantial discount coupon valid at any ICE Center or associated vendor.

Recently revealed to be known in Orphan House as Agent 13

The gang bumped into Agent 13 again while in pursuit of the “Phantom” of the Solid. After narrowly surviving an ambush of Orcs, Mist Fiends somehow gaining access into New Eden, they descended from the rigging of the stadium onto a super luxurious Skybox. The personal section of Agent 13’s charge, Cole Emery.

13 laughed at their arrival and seemed nonplussed, even happy to see them, stating his boss had been asking who they were for some reason. After a brief introduction, he led them away again with a few parting barbs.

The Headhunter

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