Prison of Salzacas

Genie-in-the-Lamp's crippled cousin


This ornate yet spartan box of unknown origin, contains the imp-like creature Salzacas. The owner of the box can summon the little daemon and command it to float about and perform minor tasks, such as fetching an object, pushing a button, scouting an area, etc.


Kenzington is the current owner of the Prison. He acquired it in a back alley deal in which he really only wanted the intricately woven cape that the old woman was offering to sell, but the crone also insisted that Kenzie take the box as part of the deal. Worried at first over what he had gotten dumped on himself, the Mouzle was overjoyed (and Salzacas dismayed) when he discovered that he now had his own little minion. Kenzie has already gotten the little imp to steal an auto-pistol and operate heavy machinery for him, and he tries to come up with fancy new ideas every day. Only time will tell how much longer Salzacas will put up with it, if he even has a choice.

Salzacas Quotes: ‘Yes,Master’ ‘Of course, Master. I will try’ ‘Ok… Yes… Allright… This is a lot to remember, Master’ ‘Must I? I am very tired, Master’

Prison of Salzacas

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