Sojourn Green

Barrier Down

The Adventure Continues!

After disposing of the Spiders and stopping to collect a trophy for ICE bounties, the party moved further down the tunnel, assured by The Mechanic, there would be a military checkpoint a few miles into the tunnel.

The party made a point to look up every few moments.

Once they reached said checkpoint they were surprised to find a fully functional military outpost already established and nearly two hundred ICE operatives queued up and waiting for contract services to coordinate the sweep & clear of RD2. Apparently, the Heroes weren’t the only ones who thought the barrier falling was a sure sign of trouble aka opportunity.

After a brief, but frustrating exchange with Terry, the crew was directed to a ready zone with some Caravaners and other mercenaries assigned to the same sector waiting for transport. The Caravaners had their own rides of course, but the Heroes and their new associates would be taking an APC provided by Emery Group as part of their contracted services.

As they raced through the now heavily beseiged by Mist Fiends tunnel, they began to see the evidence of the ongoing struggle to keep the infection from surging through the tunnel and into Emery Plaza itself.

With a coordinated battery of fire at the second military checkpoint, the APC convoy managed to break through the Mist Fiends sieging the entrance to Rat City and began racing through the streets, with Fiends in hot pursuit. The mysterious stranger with the obnoxiously huge cape chose this moment to speak: “Hear that? Sounds like… wolves.”

As had been hinted, Mist Wolves were running rampant in RD 2 and now they were attacking the APC. Their powerful jaws were rending the steel-belted wheels as easily as the hindquarters of a tasty deer. It didn’t take long for the vehicle to go careening out of control and crash into the side of a tower, destroying half of a shanty built by Mouzles against it.

The crash separated the group Resident Evil 2 style, leaving Reuben, Dark Heart and Gravy cut off in an alley and the main group atop the APC, surrounded by Mist Wolves. They struck fast from the darkness, falling Thorgrim before he could utter a spell. Panicked, the Heroes readied their weapons and spread out on the overturned vehicle as best they could. What followed was a truly epic battle between them, three Mist Wolves and a late arriving Dire Mist Wolf.

Initially, it appeared the Heroes had been abandoned to their fates by their new acquaintances and their prospects were grim considering poor Hammershard’s fate, but the tide turned quickly. The boysreturned, appearing at a second story building to lay down cover fire, except for Dark Heart who instead hung menacingly from the window, cape billowing in the wind. Then Kenzington and Eve managed to turn the tables on the Dire Mist Wolf with a coordinated attack. Its smaller pack mates soon fell as well.

After collecting their bounties, the crew surveyed the area and moved out away from the creeping Mists that were beginning to seep into the area. Before leaving though, they sought to aid the APC driver who’d been severely injured in the crash. Before he finished dying, he managed to reveal that a VIP had hit a panic button in the area, a personal alarm that signaled all available corporate security should immediately move to aid this person. Only the topmost executives have access to this type of device.


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