Corporate Noble

Lithe bodies entwine under silk sheets on your bed behind you. You pay little attention to the display as you look out over the city. You can’t imagine what it must be like living beneath, where the sun never reaches and people are born, live and die without seeing a clear blue sky. Your father told you his own father hadn’t inherited his position in the company as the two of you did. Grandpa had applied and interviewed for it. Of course, his interviewer was Great-Grandpa, but the pretense was still observed. With the shrinking job market, nepotism became a necessity of survival. Families became known as Houses again and for the first time in generations, a Noble class rose and a division between the rich and poor was made physical where once it was only figurative.
Tomorrow you leave it all behind, the opulence, the luxury, the lies and deceit. Were you forced out by a rival? Did your family disown you? Have you had your fill of living upon the backs of the poor? Whatever the reason is, after tonight you make your own path through the world.
Every member of management, from the lowliest Branch Asst. Executive to the CEO of the Corporation, is trained in combat. This has been deemed the most economical solution to an increasingly dangerous world. You’ve been outside the barriers, down to Lowtown to meet with the Unions, but you’ve never spent a night anywhere but between the silken sheets of your bed or another just like it. You sigh softly as you stare at the starry sky. You wonder if they have silk in Lowtown.
Corporate Nobles are the scions of Executives, top members of family Houses with a tradition of holding Management positions within the Corporations. These Houses in cooperation control the markets of each major world power. Some Nobles turn away from their House or are forced out in a coup. These former employees of the Corporations are still highly skilled and driven individuals. They almost always go into business for themselves either as a negotiator with the Unions at dig sites or bidding for private contracts from Corporate. These jobs are too dangerous for rank and file employees, but not serious enough to necessitate a Troubleshooter Unit. Some Nobles hope to someday earn their way back into the company, others look for every opportunity to take revenge on the company and some simply want to leave the past behind and start new entirely. One thing is constant: men and women who leave the Corporations alive are not to be trifled with. Despite their refined tastes and (by comparison) mild natures, Corporate Nobles are dangerous, even more so if you make the mistake of underestimating them. They are raised in an environment where brothers’ and sisters’ loyalty only stretches to the point it begins to threaten their own career. A Corporate Noble would not think twice of arranging the assassination of their own sibling for a promotion, if they could do it without getting caught. Some of them are cold and calculating, others just work hard enough to get by without threatening their betters, but all Nobles possess the skills to navigate corporate waters safely and will fight like cornered animals until the bitter end.

Corporate Noble Encounter Power 1
Hostile Takeover

You manipulate your enemy’s perception and force him to lash out blindly at his own allies.
Encounter; Psychic;
Standard Action Range 10
Target: One Creature
Attack: Primary Ability vs. Will
HIT: 2d6+Ability Modifier Psychic Damage and the target makes a melee basic attack against one adjacent creature of your choice.

Corporate Noble Utility Power 2
Greed is Good

For lack of a better word… when negotiations turn bad, we either lie bigger, shout louder or shoot first.
Encounter; Psychic;
Immediate Reaction Close Burst 10
Target: You or One Ally
Trigger: You or an ally make a Bluff or Intimidate check and dislike the result.
Effect: You may reroll the check with a +2 bonus or make an Unarmed Melee Basic attack as a Free Action with a +2 power bonus.

Corporate Noble Daily Power 3
Bear Market

You use stolen EG tech to create an electrified grid on the floor, shocking and confounding your opponents.
Encounter; Omega Tech; Lightning
Standard Action Burst 1 within 10
Target: Each creature within Burst
HIT *Boon 2:
2d10+Primary Ability Modifier and ongoing 5 Lightning Damage Save Ends
: Half Damage
Effect: Target is immobilized until they save against the ongoing damage.
Boon 3:
2d10+Primary Ability Modifier and ongoing 10 Lightning Damage Save Ends
Miss: Half Damage
Effect: Target is Immobilized until they save against the ongoing damage.
After Effect: Target is slowed, save ends.

Corporate Noble

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