Emery Group

The Emery Group is the Corporate entity who own and govern the “Emery Group Habitat (Designate: New Eden) formerly known as ‘Xwet’e Hla’.” Shareholders commonly refer to their home as ‘New Eden’ for short; below, residents don’t give it much thought, but if you asked, they would probably call it Hell. E.G. was one of the five corporations to survive the consolidation. Their companies are mostly weapon manufacturers, but they own many, factories and businesses.

Shareholders of the Emery Group recognized an opportunity in the worsening state of the world early on. All the corporations remaining today have adopted the employment practices of Emery Group companies. Executive positions are inherited rather than earned. To guarantee the survival of the Emery Group in the increasingly dangerous environment surrounding them, executives had to be strong and smart. Only perfect physical specimens with potential for peak human aptitude are allowed to be carried to term by carefully selected “breeding” stock that carry a tailor-made child with traits from Executives. Rarely, a Director may take a wife and produce heirs in a more traditional way, but often this leads to the child being inferior to other executives. Children are then trained from the time they can walk to be savvy businessman and lethal killing machines. Children’s time is evenly split between learning the idiosyncrasies of corporate business and combat training. Even the youngest Asst. Vice President is a master of combat.

Ethan Emery and his brother James built bicycles for a living and designed custom cars in their spare time. When they founded their company, they called it Emery Bros. Their car designs revolutionized the industry and after their grandchildren took the company public, rebranding it the Emery Group, they branched out into weapons. While exploring for traditional fossil fuels, an Emery Group subsidiary, Energy Solutions, stumbled upon the first cache of Alpha Tech, which led to Omega Tech and the arms race that would bankrupt every world power.

The Emery Group’s most well known brand is Pearl Weapons; the number one producer of Omega Tech. Pearl is responsible for many of the revolutionary applications of Omega Tech that changed the world. They were the developers of the first Omega Blasters and their patented operating system for the city’s barrier system reduced Mist incidents by thirty-eight percent. Pearl Weapons motto is To Keep the World Safe.
E.G. has a stake in every aspect of New Eden from the Barriers to the street vendors. Only executives own property, the rest of New Eden’s citizens are barely able to rent. The only other commerce that takes place within the city is the Bandit Market.

The Emery Group’s structure is not unlike a royal house. The Board of Directors each controls an aspect of the corporation and staffs it with their House, an extended family. These executive positions are traditionally passed from father to eldest son, but succession is often interrupted by infighting and political maneuvering. Six Houses share control of the Emery Group.

Plinth House- Currently in control of the Board, whose Chairman is also Plinth’s matriarch, Anna Caine-Plinth, the widow of the previous Chairman Edward Plinth. Her grasp on the position is tenuous and she has had to resort to more assassinations and blackmails then would normally be considered necessary. Most people believe Anna Caine murdered her husband to take his seat, but no evidence of foul play could be found when the body was examined. Plinth House controls the Human Resources department and deals mainly in downsizing operations and headhunting.

Emery House- The Emerys are direct descendants of the Emery Brothers and control the weapons development and manufacturing resources. They are the second-most powerful House and the number one contender to Plinth’s continued control of the Board. Their research department is continually refining the Omega Tech and researching Alpha Tech. The House’s Head, Dr. Onyx Emery, known as “Black” Emery for his particularly morbid nature, has little interest in running the Board, but can’t resist at least a passing attempt at wresting control away from Caine-Plinth.

Drebin House- This House operates the Emery Group’s land management and acquisitions department. They specialize in hostile takeovers and also manage the city, including its private security company, PSI (Public Safety Inc). The head of the House is Director of Security, Axel Drebin. Axel is also the de facto military commander of The Emery Group, leading the private armies of Emery Group.

Bulstrahd House- Manages the communications technology, maintaining the computer networks connecting New Eden to the other Habitats and entertaining the masses with their entertainment companies and networks. Porter Bulstrahd is the Director of Emery Group’s Media Department. Bulstrahd House also controls the Trouble Shooters, a Special Forces unit whose soldiers specialize in taking on dissenters and terrorists. Their direct supervisor is IS Director Kasper Bulstrahd, a legendary Trouble Shooter in his time.

Orphan House- This family is actually made up of outside hires. Only the Director and his “son” are descendents of original shareholders. The rest of the staff is made up of Headhunters, recruited assassins who specialize in eliminating threats to the corporation. The Director, whose department is Internal Security, lives on the top floor of the Emery Building, personally overseeing the surveillance of the building. His “son” is actually his top assassin who is treated as his proxy at Board meetings.

Tyler House-Associated with the chemical, household, and nutrition companies of E.G., the Tylers hold little power on the Board of Directors, but their control of the Habitats food supplies keeps them at the table. The current Director is Hector Tyler. Tyler House controls the distribution of goods to franchises and also dictates the prices of most foodstuffs sold within the barriers.

Anna Caine is the Chairperson of the Board, holding the most decision making power. The members of the Board are listed above, but Onxy Emery also serves as the CEO of E.G. His staff oversees most of the day to day operations, but he is the real power in Emery Group. Dr. Onyx also supports some very dangerous research into splicing Mist Fiends and Omega Tech together. The General Manager, who handles most of their business negotiations, is Dr. Onyx’s nephew, Cole Emery.

Emery Group’s immediate goals include securing contracts with the Mining Unions to ensure the continued refinement of minerals into the Omega Fuel. Equally important, is negotiating with competing corporations for land use exchange rates. Often, these negotiations devolve quickly into armed conflicts.
Surprisingly, very little resources are dedicated to researching the Mist phenomena and countermeasures for its continued and growing threat. Many factors contribute to this, but the main one is terrifying. Emery Group internal policies recognize that maintaining the barriers is more profitable than countering the Mist.

Emery Group

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