Stone-cold killers: everyone in Orphan House is a mass murderer. Employees leave the Corps sometimes, and a few live to enjoy it. Some of them leave for ethical reasons and others to save their own skins. But Orphan House has perfect employee retention. The only way out is in a box. Except for you, the baddest of the bad. Maybe you faked your death or maybe you killed so damn many men they gave up. Whatever happened, you kill who you want, when you want and get paid what you want. But you aren’t the animal they say you are. You fight your darkest impulses and live by some code of your own, more important than someone else’s idea of morality. You worked alone in Orphan House, but now you’ve made friends, the first of your life maybe. There are maybe a dozen guys made it out of Orphan House in the last fifty years. Nearly all of them still operating, but you’d only know that if you knew what to look for. If you weren’t watching your crew’s ass, one of them might take them out. Guess you better fall in.
Headhunters were raised by the corporations to be assassins. All most Headhunters know of the world is what they see through a rifle scope. Not only do they undergo intense physical training, they are given “treatments” in Black Onyx’s lab that grant them uncanny prowess with weapons of all kinds. The Headhunters are known and feared throughout New Eden. Their distinctive skull masks with glowing red eyes are hard to miss, unless they want you to. It is whispered a small number of operatives have left Orphan House over the years.

Headhunter Encounter Power 1

You sharpen your focus as you exhale slowly. Boom, headshot.
Encounter; Martial; Weapon; Reliable
Standard Action Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Primary Ability Modifier + Secondary Mod vs. AC
HIT: Boon 1:
2W + Primary Ability Modifier. This attack can score a critical hit on 18-20.
Miss: Half Damage
Boon 2:
2W + Primary Ability Modifier and the Target is weakened Save Ends. This attack can score a critical hit on 18-20.

Headhunter Utility Power 2
Active Camouflage

Without the constant maintenance of Orphan House technicians, you can only get your camo-suit working for a short period of time before it will require you to reset it. Make it count.
Daily, Omega Tech
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever you end your turn in dim light or darker, you become invisible until the end of your next turn, you move more than two squares, or are illuminated by a light source.

Headhunter Daily Power 3
Line’em Up!

You wait until your targets stand in a row, saves bullets.
Daily; Martial; Weapon; Reliable
Standard Action Line 10
Target: 1, 2 or 3 Creatures in line with no interceding obstacles.
Attack: Primary Ability Modifier vs AC
HIT Boon 2: 2W+ Primary Ability Modifier. This attack may score a critical hit on 18-20.
Boon 3: 3W+ Primary Ability Modifier. This attack may score a critical hit on 18-20.


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