Independent Contractors Emporium

You Do It

ICE is the single biggest, service-oriented business in New Eden. Pretty much everyone falls into one of three categories in this town. You’re either Corporate, Criminal or ICE. ICE operatives are the last vestiges of “small businesses” left in the world. Emery Group recognizes that it isn’t efficient or practical to use military assets or domestic police exclusively in dealing with the ongoing Mist Fiend infestation. Its simply too large a problem to handle directly. The best they can hope for is to whittle down the numbers of the creatures besieging them by offering bounties. These bounties are the main source of income for ICE operatives.

Bounties rise and fall as ICE analyzes data coming in from hunters, sensing equipment and aerial surveillance. Specials for particularly dangerous or disruptive Fiends are offered each day.

ICE Points are the only form of currency honored at ICE Emporiums, the only places in New Eden a private citizen can legally buy arms. All arms tracked by EG and anything with an enchantment has a built-in kill switch rendering it inert at the command of EG’s private military officers. Only registered ICE Operatives can enter and shop in an ICE Emporium. However, there are tourist areas in the Super Center of Emery Plaza.



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