Mist Walker

Thank the maker you head back out in the morning. One more night of splitting headaches and pacing sleepless and you’d toss yourself through the barrier. Just to put a stop to that buzzing. You close your eyes and send your other self out into the Mist, it hurts as your spirit passes through the barrier and then you’re free. The night air rushing against the memory of skin, the whole sky stretched out before you, beckoning you on. If only you could fly away, but you can’t, cursed to walk, never feeling whole inside the barriers, and never feeling safe outside them. You feel your body tug you back, a disturbing sensation filled with vertigo and nausea, and the brief escape ends with you caged again, safe until the morning. When you’ll smile as you walk out of the city and into the Mist that breeds the world’s nightmares.
Mist Walkers are survivors of Mist-Storms who are inexplicably immune to the mutating effects of the Mist. The degree of immunity varies from Walker to Walker, but any Walker can shrug off lower concentrations and most are immune to all but the most intense storms. Mist Walkers who know for certain they are completely immune are few and far between and well regarded by other Walkers and even Pilgrims. No one finds out they’re immune on purpose, unless they’re real damn crazy. Walkers spend most of their time outside the confines of the city, scouting safe routes, thinning out the Mist Fiends circling the barriers and guiding the poorest Pilgrims who can’t even afford a spot in a Caravan. Your relationship to the Mist is a complicated one. You can sense it better than the most advanced equipment used by Caravaners and Aristocrat Airships and can predict its movements when nothing else can. Unfortunately, all that sensitive equipment other people use tends to give bad readings and malfunction entirely around you. Anything made with Omega-Tech is next to useless as well. Your abilities work best when you’ve got both feet on the ground, but motorcycles and convertibles still allow you to sense the Mist. Mist Walkers are tougher than ordinary humanoids and are the only creatures besides Mist Fiends that are repelled by the barriers. Being in close proximity to barriers also causes them discomfort and headaches.

Mist Walker Encounter Power 1
Mist Touched

You reach out for whatever remnants of mist are nearby and use it to channel life energy from your foe into you or an ally.
Encounter; Psychic; Mist; Healing
Standard Action * *Close Burst 5
Target: One Creature In Burst
Attack: Primary Ability vs. AC
Boon 1:
3d6+Ability Modifier Psychic Damage and you or one ally within the blast gains temporary hit points equal to your primary ability score or make a saving throw with a 5 power bonus to end one effect a save can end.
Boon 2:
Ability Modifier Psychic Damage and you or one ally within the blast regains hit points equal to your primary ability score and make a saving throw with a +5 power bonus to end one effect a save can end.

Mist Walker Utility Power 2
Control Mist

You push with your will against the Mist and it responds to your mental commands.
Encounter; Psychic; Mist
Minor Action Burst 1 within 10 Squares
Requirement: Must be outside a Barrier Zone.
Effect: You create a zone of Mist in the targeted area. All creatures that begin their turn in the Mist or move into the zone are subject to the standard effects of light Mist exposure (ongoing 5 damage, save ends, partial concealment). You can shift the zone up to 3 squares as a Move action. Sustain minor.

Mist Walker Daily Power 3
Mist Strike

You imbue your weapon with the raging power of the Mist. With each wound, your foe sinks further into madness.
Encounter; Psychic; Mist;
Standard Action Weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Primary Ability vs. AC
Boon 2: 3W + Primary Ability Modifier and target is dazed. Save ends.
Miss: ½ damage and target is slowed. Save ends.
Boon 3: 3W + Primary Ability Modifier and target is dazed. Save ends.
1st failed saving throw: Target is dominated, save ends both effects.
2nd failed saving throw: Target is Mist Infected
Miss: ½ Damage and target is dazed. Save ends.
Effect: Your weapon gains 5 Mist Damage until the end of the encounter.

Mist Walker

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