New Eden

h3. Things to do in New Eden

The general design of New Eden is a star in imitation of Xaia’s own shape. The outer perimeter is a six foot thick, poured concrete wall that towers over ten stories high. Just inside the wall is the delicate equipment that powers and regulates the Barrier. The Barrier is a force field powered by the super fuel, Alerium 73, that holds back the Mist and any creature mutated by it. Inside the walls are vast stretches of tenements where the refugees of the dying world live. Above them are the Corporate Houses, living in luxury and ease in penthouse suites the size of conventional mansions.

Pearl Weapons’ Media Fair/ Emery Plaza: The Central Barrier surrounds Emery Plaza, the “Times Square” of New Eden. Ground level is taken up with stores, casinos, arenas, stadiums and television studios. The high rise buildings contain the offices of House Bulstrahd and the various production companies they own and manage. Trouble Shooters HQ is also present in this district. Hundreds of floors up, the Penthouse Suites of these buildings are connected by a series of floating gardens and shopping centers, painstakingly suspended above the city to enjoy direct sunshine and fresh air. Most high-level executives maintain their estates in this neighborhood.

Bulstrahd’s Signature Studios
The production company behind hits like 30 Minutes to KILL!, Signature Studios also has a complete theme park and live shows.

The Solid
The largest casino and mixed martial arts arena in New Eden. Also the annual host of the championship series of prize fights.

De-Con (de-contamination)
The only entrance into New Eden through the barriers. Heavily guarded and regulated, don’t expect to pass without the proper identification.

Independent Contractor Emporium SUPER-CENTER
The largest ICE in New Eden, this building features multiple levels and services not available at a standard facility. Executive Class members of the Rewards Program can take advantage of our luxury accommodations while new operatives can attend seminars and workshops designed to maximize your earning potential. In addition to these great features, you’ll find the widest selection of custom Omega Tech armaments, classic Alpha Tech salvage and even genuine “enchanted” weaponry in our massive ICE Mall.

Emery Group Corporate Headquarters
The tallest building in New Eden, appropriately named after Ethan Emery, the Emery Tower is the main office of EG and is also functionally, a fortress. There are no ground level entrances to the tower that are in regular use. Service and freight entrances are located hundreds of feet below the surface and executives only enter through the roof.

Residential District 1/Low Town: Low Town is home to the seediest side of life in New Eden. Only the lucrative contracts between powerful crime lords and EG executives keep Low Town from descending into complete debauchery, or chaos. As is, it’s a barely contained free state within the iron grip of the Emery Group, if you can earn and pay up.

Bandit Market
Need something EG don’t sell, Pilgrim? Maybe you need to move some hot merchandise? This is the place to do it, hidden behind the façade of an ordinary tenement facility is a multi-level, illegal shopping mall with dealers specializing in all manner of illicit goods. If it exists, someone is selling it at the Bandit Market.

Hela’s Palace
An open air Dance Hall and bar, Hela’s is the hottest night spot in New Eden and it isn’t unusual to see Corporate Execs hobnobbing with TV personalities in the VIP booth. Hela’s is owned by Crime King Alfonso Sherbert. The “Fonz” considers himself a lothario and trend-setter and hosts the weekend festivities himself.

The Pit
The polar opposite of Emery Plaza’s Solid, the Pit is a disgusting wreck of a stadium. Situated in a huge bunkers, miles below the surface and accessible only through a network of tunnels jealously controlled by Crime King Hans Donner, the Pit guarantees at least one fatality a night at its matches, even if Donner himself has to put a bullet in a loser’s brain with his custom .98 Cal Sniper Rifle.

Residential District 2/Rat City: Rat City is designated as emergency refugee housing by Emery Group and receives only subsistence aid. Residents here are mainly orphans, disabled, hopelessly destitute and folk so vile they’ve been run out of Low Town. Armed convoys are required to service public works within this barrier.

Mouzle Net
Mouzle Net, the exclusively mouzle-run courier service operates out of Rat City and the irony isn’t lost on them. They pick up packages from anywhere in New Eden, but only accept orders made on their territory in RD 2. The lack of corporate presence allows the mouzles to guarantee privacy.

Orphan Gangs of Rat City
More of an ongoing infestation than an attraction, Rat City is home to the highest concentration of orphan children in New Eden. These youth band together forming gangs, some in the lighthearted tradition of pickpocketing scamps, others are hard enough to murder for candy.

One of the best kept secrets of the terrorist group is the location of their HQ and the exact number of their members. Although individual cells have been compromised, the identity of their leader is unknown. They’ve narrowed down his location to Residential District 2.

Residential District 3/ ‘Burbs: The life enjoyed her could be called pleasant when compared to Low Town and Rat City, in exchange for a twelve hour shift at one of the industrial districts, you get to come home to a beautiful living unit, ergonomically designed by the good people at EG for you and your family. Overcrowding gets worse every day, but at least in RD3 they’ve got the poor bastards stacked efficiently.

Ethan Emery Air Dock
Classified as a civilian air dock, the Emery Dock is a luxurious five star establishment that pampers travelers as they wait to board luxury Air Ships. The docks are open to the public, but access is restricted to those who can afford a ticket and boarding pass, functionally limiting it to corporate personnel.

Burton’s Burgers
Tyler House’s most popular fast food chain is Burton’s who’s mascot RJ Burton delights the children of New Eden’s masses. RJ is a useful propaganda tool as well, espousing the virtues of Emery Group whilst serving “nutritious” fare

Buy-Me Stores
Besides Burton’s and ICE, most other stores conform to a fairly generic pattern. EG’s blanket brand is Buy-Me and these stores include everything from Buy-Me Groceries to Buy-Me Car Parts and everything in between. You can find these in Emery Plaza and (fewer) in Low Town as well.

Industrial District 1/ The Machine: This section of New Eden is a gigantic, multi-level factory manufacturing everything from appliances for residents to the weapons of EG’s private armies.

Death Gear
The second most popular show broadcast by EG currently is a car show. But its not just a car show as the presenters are also some very charming fellows who compete in challenges like designing vehicles that can travel through Mist Storms or battle Mist Fiends. They also host something of a Grand Prix through the inner workings of ID 1. A “Death Race” if you will.

Industrial District 2/ The Brain: This section is dedicated to research, development, learning and the housing and arming of the military wing of EG. Lately, they’ve had to repurpose much of the university space to barracks for soldiers.

Joseph Emery Air Dock
The Emery Group’s military air dock houses all their carriers, fighter pods and the Dragoon Barracks.

New Eden

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