Omega-Tech Enhanced

It itches today. For the hundredth time since you lost your arm in the mines, you wish you hadn’t let them talk you into an enhanced prosthetic. Enhanced, heh. Jacked right into your nervous system, your brain gets signals from it. Some of its good “get can” “pop top” “lift to lips” rinse repeat. Unfortunately, it sends background noise that’s the equivalent of mental static and your brain can only interpret it as an itch that needs scratching. You ever try to scratch itchy steel? It’s not all bad though, you’ve got a few “after-market” upgrades that come in pretty handy when things get hairy. Heh. Handy.
For those that can afford it, or get a loan from a Corp medical representative, an Omega-Tech enhanced prosthetic is the closest thing an amputee can get to a new limb, or a new nervous system, liver or heart. Omega-Tech is uniquely able to mimic a person’s own genetic material guaranteeing no rejection of the prosthetic and a near perfect symbiosis with living nervous systems. The darker applications of this technology have been known to birth nightmare amalgams of Mist Fiends and Omega-Tech. A humanoid creature with Omega-Tech prosthetics has abilities beyond what they possessed before the upgrade, each unique to the type of prosthetic. Someone with an Omega-Tech arm might have it outfitted with a machine gun, or a person with an Omega-Tech leg can shake the ground with a mighty stomp.

Omega-Tech Arm Encounter Power 1
Omega Punch

After you set’em up with your main assault, you give’em a mean left hook.
Encounter; Martial; Omega-Tech
Minor Action
Requirement: You must have a free hand with Omega-Tech enhancement
Target: Creature Hit with At-Will Power
Effect: You deal Omega-Tech damage equal to your primary ability and knock the target prone.

Omega-Tech Cannon Encounter Power 1
After-Market Mod
Your Omega-Tech arm whirs and clicks to reveal a concealed Omega-Tech Cannon.
Encounter; Martial; Omega Tech
Standard Action Line 10
Requirement: You must have an Omega-Tech enhancement
Target: Each Creature within Line
Attack: Primary Ability vs. Reflex
HIT: 2d6+Ability Modifier Omega-Tech Damage

Omega-Tech Leg Encounter Power 1
Thunder Stomp

Hydraulic coils groan and contract as you lift your leg. You jump and stamp down hard sending waves of force rushing along the ground in front of you.
Encounter; Martial; Thunder; Omega-Tech
Standard Action * *Close Blast 3
Requirement: You must have an Omega-Tech enhancement
Target: Each Creature Within Blast
Attack: Primary Ability vs. Fort
HIT: 2d6+Ability Modifier Thunder and Omega-Tech Damage and you push the target 1 square and knock it prone.

Omega-Tech Neural Encounter Power 1
Bullet Time

Time slows around you as you let the Omega-Tech take over. You feel yourself rush forward and strike before your opponent lifts his arms into a defensive position
Immediate Reaction; Omega-Tech; Weapon
Trigger: You roll initiative
Effect: You get a power bonus to your initiative equal to half your Primary Ability Bonus and if you act first in the encounter may make the following attack:
Target: Nearest Enemy within 6 Squares
Attack: Primary Ability +2 vs. AC
Hit: 1W
Effect: You move up to your speed ending at the nearest square adjacent to target

Omega-Tech Enhanced

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